Solihull Community Network – Active Communities

Since 1st June 2020 we have partnered with The Active Wellbeing Society to develop the Solihull Community Network.   We are aiming to support both individuals and organisations within the less affluent parts of Solihull through the strands of work that we will be delivering with colleagues from TAWS, Solihull Council and Warwickshire County Council.


The TAWS vision is “for a society where people have the autonomy, capacity, resources and skills to become the architects of their own destiny; where our individual wellbeing is recognised as being bound up in our collective responsibility to and dependency on each other; and where all of us feel empowered as agents of social change to make a difference – whether at an individual level or more widely.”

The aim of the projects are to “collaboratively bring about sustainable change on an social, environmental and economic level; to do the social knitting required to create stronger and more resilient communities and to support communities to identify, mitigate and remove the barriers that prevent them from living active and connected lives.”

To get in touch about the programme, please contact Sarah Treadwell-Baker, Project Coordinator via email