Inclusive Growth

Colebridge Trust’s vision whereby “Colebridge Trust seeks a cohesive society where people are enabled to achieve their full potential and where barriers to living inclusive, happy and healthy lives are challenged through the provision of creative, innovative and enterprising activities.” supports the concept of Inclusive Growth.

What are the challenges?

There are any interpretations of of the concept, however the general principles as cited on the Joseph Rowntree Foundation are:- poverty is bad for growth; the costs of poverty are huge; work no longer assures a route out of poverty; many communities across the country feel disconnected and do not feel benefits of economic growth; and uneven growth.

Our local area is rich with investment, with Birmingham & Solihull being at the heart of England.   However, we believe that growth is only good if the key beneficiaries include people that already live in the communities in which this investment takes place.

The local area also has some key challenges, with the contrast of wealth being evident.   As an example, Solihull is known as an affluent area, but also includes some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in England, according to the 2019 Multiple-Indices of Deprivation. Within the borough, there are huge gaps in attainment, employment, house prices and life expectancy.  There are also so commonalities between the different parts of the borough where working people are on the poverty line due to the cost of housing, childcare, rates of pay and other general costs of living.

How can we help?

Our support for inclusive growth includes:-  providing a voice for local people; employment & skills work; enterprise; health & wellbeing support; supporting marginalised groups; community capacity building; delivering key information; inputting  into policy making; and coordinating with local groups & organisations, as a community development trust.

The Colebridge Trust is committed to working with local partners to develop an inclusive growth strategy that works for local people; and to deliver activities that help local people to access opportunities.  Please contact for further information.